Placenta encapsulation service ($300) by an experienced Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (PBi) encapsulating in your home or my home office. 

You may yield about 95-200 pills with any given placenta and receive them in a clearly labeled jar complete with instructions and my on-call number. I pick up from the hospital directly (I've worked with all and serve most in the DC/VA/MD area) after birth and can have your pills to you the very next day. You have the option to drop it off and pick it up from mine as well, especially for those out of my service area. Should you prefer to participate in the process or have it done in your own space we can coordinate to encapsulate at your home soon after delivery and I supply all of the necessary tools. A cesarean(planned or unplanned) does not prevent you from encapsulating your placenta! All the more reason to reap the benefits of encapsulation, please call me in the prenatal time to discuss this.

Considering placenta ingestion but don't have the funds to pay for the service? Do it yourself/with a loved one or prepare it frozen/raw for smoothies. Contact me and I can guide anybody through the process at no fee, don't go without the benefits!

Help harmonize your body and combat postpartum depression!
Benefits include:
- an increase in energy
- good iron source
- healing
- a better hormone balance
- decrease in postnatal bleedloss
- supporting and equalizing lactation
- higher quality rest

$50  Non-refundable retainer fee so that you may be placed in my calendar and so that you may be accountable for your placenta – due at signing


$200 Balance – due at first session/drop off in the home office setting


$250 Balance – due at first session/upon arrival at your home

If interested, smoothie preparation (raw placed in ice cube trays) is always included upon request

I waive the retainer fee for my repeats, doula clients, and birth-assistant clients

Barring a birth, I have an extraordinarily quick turn-around time, and like to prepare your placenta as soon as possible after birth by keeping a constant communication as I do my birthing clients, just ask!

I love every opportunity to connect with families in the time surrounding their recent birth experience. In addition to my (500+ births) midwifery and doula experience I am a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist through PBi, where we complete several reviewed course modules and an examination in placentophagy research. I enjoy maintaining my certification in use with the standards of practice and strict code of ethics that PBi esteems. I encapsulate by way of several methods (I don't however, use any herbs in the TCM process unless requested) and always offer informed consent for the families preferred method. I follow OSHA standards sucessfully completing a Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) course annually in accordance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030.  I maintain the Learntoserve Food Safety Handling and Management Coursework. I put a lot of time and effort in to my education so that I can provide you with the most recent research and information available and answer any questions you may have before/during your pregnancy/and most certainly during your postpartum time. If I am not available I can send you to somebody who is - please use a properly trained and experienced provider! 

Please contact me for the encapsulation intake and agreement. Payment methods:

- electronically below

-via an emailed invoice 

- card taken over the phone

-or by personal check. If paying the balance by check please remember to pack it with your hospital/birth center bag or have it available with your birth supplies.

Pay for encapsulation


Thanks for your quick and thorough encapsulation services again! I tried the smoothies this time and really believe in their effects. I love sharing the benefits of placenta ingestion with all of my mainstream mom-friends. Thanks for all of the postnatal support! - Carol

Striking difference between my first 2 postpartum experiences and this one with your pills, and THANK YOU for being a great resource. I am thankful to have found this "naturally" free resource as well! -Kimberly P.

I appreciated the smoothies that first week, and am thankful that I never hit rock bottom and had a safety of pills to rely on when my period came back! -Cherie J.

I hope your doing great! I am doing wonderful thanks to you! I am just enjoying my sweet baby girl. It's been almost 5 weeks since birth and I feel great(other than being tired). Emotionally I havent had any baby blues. I could definitely tell a difference between the raw pieces and the me the raw effects seemed more noticeable than the pills..So next pregnancy I will probably do raw smoothies, just because I could totally tell the raw was more effective. But I am sold with consuming placentas, I think it amazing!! Thanks so much! -J.S.